Our mission is

Our mission is

“to provide sustainable affordable housing,

and workspace for community enterprises, in Somerset;

promoting co-operative principles and equality of opportunity

for the benefit of the community.”

SCCLT is a new co-operative society working to address the chronic shortage of affordable sustainable housing in Somerset, at the same time as creating incubators for new and growing community enterprises. We place tenants at the heart of our governance structure, so that the land trust is always accountable to its intended beneficiaries. At the same time, any Somerset resident can join and have a say in how the society is run; people outside the traditional county can also join, with limited voting rights. Download our leaflet for more information.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Share issue off to a good start - but we need more

We've been able to fill in some big red blocks on the thermometer that is on display on the front door of 10 East Reach. As of the 13th, we had reached £86,750 - well on the way!
We're very pleased that investors are happy to go with our plans for an increased rate of return in place of Social Investment Tax Relief (which, disappointingly, will not be available).
We have also started to get more coverage in local media, with a piece in the Somerset County Gazette and BBC Somerset due to broadcast a piece this morning (we'll post a link when that is confirmed).