Our mission is

We're a community land trust with a mission "to provide sustainable affordable housing, and workspace for community enterprises, in Somerset; promoting co-operative principles and equality of opportunity for the benefit of the community.”
We place tenants at the heart of our governance structure, so that the land trust is always accountable to its intended beneficiaries. At the same time, any Somerset resident can join and have a say in how the society is run. Read 'About us' to find out more.

Become a member

We need you - yes, you! - to join the Community Land Trust!
We now own a property on East Reach in Taunton which we plan to develop for social housing and community workspace. 10 East Reach is a listed building; to the rear is a large garden, presently neglected but suitable (according to the local plan) for residential development.

Our mission is: “to provide sustainable affordable housing; and to
provide workspace for community enterprises in Somerset;
promoting co-operative principles and equality of opportunity
 for the benefit of the community...” 

As the name suggests we are owned by the the community: a model that only works well if a broad range of people choose to become members. Why not join?

When you become a member, you are buying shares in the project. Like company shares, they give you a vote and represent the equity of the business; unlike company shares, they are withdrawable rather than transferable (subject to our having sufficient liquid funds) and all members have equal voting rights. The minimum investment is normally £50, though the board can waive this for volunteers who are committing time instead of money.

Click here for the application form.

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