Savings and Loans shop becomes ship shape

Another progress report from 10 East Reach; the builders have reached the ground floor and created the final shape of our new shop, from which we hope to provide savings and loans and other co-operative services.
This includes the new door to provide access to the upstairs flats; hopefully this doesn't take away from the frontage too much, and it means that tenants and workers can each do their thing without troubling the other.

We can really see the shape now of the space we have to work with. Our discussions with partner organisations for the shop are proceeding well, with Somerset Savings and Loans ready to discuss expansion of their activities in Taunton with local agencies, the Phone Co-op providing materials and support for us as an agency, and Co-op Energy about to start their own agency scheme. They're all great organisations, and we will be pleased as punch to be able to raise their profile in Somerset.