On the national day of action for CLTs, we're open to applications for our first tenants

The flats are almost ready, and February 28th is a national day of action when we call on local people and prospective parliamentary candidates to get behind CLTs.
In Taunton, what that means is: if you are in housing need, or at risk of homelessness, or unsuitably housed (because it's too expensive, too small or just too cold) you should find out if we can help. Fill in our application form here - you can apply by Facebook message, email, or just drop it through the letterbox at 10 East Reach. You've got until Monday 23rd March, so don't dawdle.
And whether you're in housing need or not, check out the National CLT Manifesto here and ask your local candidates if they're going to support it. We will, and we'll let you know the results here soon...
Here is the press release we put out for the day.