About us

We are a Community Land Trust serving the market towns of Somerset. Community Land Trusts have a membership open to anyone in the community they serve, manage land and property for the benefit of the community, and are run not for profit but instead pursue the common good of everyone. This leaflet sums it up, and is good for sharing.

Our Mission is:

  • to provide sustainable, affordable housing; and
  • to provide workspace for community enterprises in Somerset;
  • promoting co-operative principles and equality of opportunity for the benefit of the community.

We've been active since 2011, and in the time have grown our membership (it's very easy to become a member - click here) and our confidence until we are able to start planning construction of new buildings on our property, and being increasingly bold in negotiating access to new development sites. You can see our reports and policies here.

We have hundreds of members in Somerset (and more members, with limited voting rights, all over the country) and each year we meet to elect a board who run the society from day to day. You could be a board member - it's not just for old guys in suits! (old guys in suits are welcome too)

We have big plans to advance our mission with new buildings, new workspace, new community enterprises and new community activities. To take these things forward, we regularly raise finance in the form of community shares, which you can read about here.