Become a member

We need you - to join the Community Land Trust! 

Our membership is our core strength. We are a Community Land Trust owned and run by the community, with a membership that brings together a broad range of the Somerset people is an amazing asset. Our members can then lend their voices and ideas to our projects and help spread awareness of our aims and what we're doing across the county. 

Why not join?

When you become a member, you are buying shares in the organisation - a community benefit society with an asset lock that means our assets are held in perpetuity for the benefit of the community. 

  • Our shares, like company shares, give you a vote and represent the equity of the business; but
  • Unlike company shares, they are withdrawable rather than transferable and all members have equal voting rights. One member, one vote. 

  • If you live or work in Somerset you only need one single £1 share for a membership
  • Other UK residents or citizens, need to apply for no less than 500 shares.