Electric Car Sharing Scheme for Wiveliscombe Survey

Does Wiveliscombe need an Electric Car Club Scheme?

Wiveliscombe residents are being asked for their views about having a Car Club Scheme for Wiveliscombe.

SCCLT is sponsoring this survey, which is looking to see if a community-wide Car Club could be established as part of its proposed affordable housing scheme at the former Exmoor Ales site.

Why ask about EV Car Club Scheme?

Three reasons:

  • Moving away from petrol and diesel cars will be better for the combatting climate change and protecting the environment;
  • As fuel and other motoring costs increase, many people who don’t use a car for daily commuting may save money by using a Car Club scheme;
  • As part of the proposed affordable housing scheme at the former Exmoor Ales site (between Goldenhill and Old Brewery Road), Somerset Co-operative Community Land Trust (SCCLT) plans to include an EV Car Sharing Scheme; and wants to see if the scheme would be of benefit to other Wiveliscombe residents.

Who are SCCLT?

Somerset Co-operative Community Land Trust (SCCLT) is a not-for-profit organisation that work with communities to provide affordable housing and support community enterprise. We want to bring this long-time disused site back into use with affordable rented homes for local people in housing need. In addition to the homes, a community enterprise hub is proposed for the site, which alongside an EV Car Club could bring other potential benefits for the Wiveliscombe community as whole.


Earlier this year we carried a consultation for the housing scheme.  At the same time, we asked about an EV Car Club scheme. Over half the people that gave us their views said they would be interested now or possibly in future. This response encouraged us to take the next step to investigate a Car Club Scheme for and with the whole community. 

Electric Vehicle Car Club Schemes

EV Car Clubs are becoming more popular throughout the country, with many people taking up the advantages of not having the expense of owning a car (no insurance, MOT, or maintenance costs), plus numerous additional benefits:

                  Reducing congestion and parking issues;

                  Switching from a fossil-fueled vehicle, for better local (air quality) and global environment (climate change);

                  Providing a flexible transport method for those who cannot afford their own vehicle.

Car clubs can deliver affordable, occasional car access on a convenient, short-term basis (sometimes as little as half an hour). A car club for Wiveliscombe could run in a similar way to other schemes. For example:

                  Available 24/7 and only pay for the hours you drive;

                  User would pay an annual membership fee would;

                  Charging points would be made available within the town, cars would be accessible via individual key cards.

For more general info on EV Sharing Schemes, see CoMoUK;s 2020, Annual Report

What do you think?

If you are resident in Wiveliscombe we would like to hear what you think. Please complete a survey, to share your travel habits and thoughts on a car club scheme. Follow the link below to an online survey.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Closing date: Monday 13th June. 

If you would like to discuss anything further, please contact:
0300 456 2265