Green Heat for Golden Hill - how eighty homes could bring 100% renewable central heating to Wiveliscombe

Your home could tip the scales in favour of low cost, zero carbon, locally owned heating for homes on streets in Wiveliscombe.

The government has, following pressure from community energy supporters, agreed to change their funding for heat networks. They will now focus funding on 100% renewable options and in rural areas such as ours, they will fund smaller schemes. That’s important because until now only huge networks, with little local accountability, have been able to apply. 

But now a scheme of 100 homes will be big enough to qualify. That may still seem like a lot, but Somerset Co-op Community Land Trust is planning a development that could contribute twenty or more units in one go. That brings the target down to a more manageable 80 – perhaps one in ten properties in the town.

What can you do to help? Express interest in cheap, renewable, community owned central heating! 

  • you don’t already have renewable heating (and very few of us do), 
  • you live in the built-up area of Wiveliscombe, and 
  • you’d be willing to consider a new source of heat for your radiators guaranteed to cost you no more than the equivalent gas central heating,

then please add your pledge to the list. It’s not a binding obligation, just an expression of interest – we’ll provide more detail on what would be involved if we hit the target of 80, and at that point you may of course conclude that it wouldn't work for you. 

Please use the form below - or you can email if you have questions.

A similar project might be possible in Taunton. What’s more, the CLT is also working with Somerset Co-op Services CIC to establish a training centre in Wiveliscombe for apprentices learning how to install heat pumps and heat networks. The plumbing and heating industry is unanimous that there needs to be a ten-fold increase in training for renewable heating if the government is to meet the target of 600,000 eco-installations a year by 2028. If you’d like to be more involved in either of these, please contact Somerset Co-operative Services to find out more. Email