We will host an EGM on Tuesday 26th October at 1pm


We are sorry for the delay in posting the reports for the meeting. 

Please find below the agenda for the EGM and the minutes from our AGM held on 1 PM Tuesday 27th July 2021.

Below you will find the final accounts for approval; the social impact report (now updated in light of the accounts); and the proposed rules amendments with some further minor clarifications added since the AGM. Amendments already discussed at the AGM are highlighted in yellow on the first page, and all amendments are highlighted in the draft rules.

Read the minutes from our 2021 AGM here


Our directors are our decision making body. They set strategy, evaluate progress and approve budgets. It is important that, as a group, our directors have a range of skills, perspectives, backgrounds and expertise that enables the board to make decisions with the interests of Somerset communities at their core.

Some are from business backgrounds, some are campaigners, some have a head for figures whilst others an eye for detail. They all want to create housing that is led by the community and truly meets the needs of Somerset. They play a crucial role in planning and decision making.

Read our Director Recruitment Pack here to find out more about being a director of the SCCLT 

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss becoming a director, email us or call 0300 456 2265.

AGM 2021 - Tuesday 27th July, 1pm



Tuesday 27th July at 1pm via Zoom

Below you will find documents relating to the AGM:

1) Minutes from our 2020 AGM can be found here.

2) The agenda for our 2021 AGM can be found here

3) Minutes from our 2021 AGM can be found here

3) The proposed rules change can be found here.

4) The Social Impact Report is here.

We're really sorry - our accounts have been delayed. Please check again shortly before the AGM.

If you are a member of the SCCLT you should have received an invitation, and necessary information, to join the AGM. If you need further details please email

You can become a member of the SCCLT by purchasing a £1 share.